Book Aircraft

Aircraft booking is done using the popular “RESI” system. To access the aircraft booking of DFC, please log in to RESI:

Please do not top off tanks after flight!

Any operational problems must be reported immediately to one of the maintenance team. After choosing the language and logging on to the reservation system, the next screen gives you the status of both aircraft. “Klar” means “Go ahead”, i.e. no technical or maintenance limitations have been reported.

To book an aircraft, select “Make new reservation”. Please note that you can indicate the number of free seats available should another DFC club member wish to join you on your flight.

When you arrive at Egelsbach airport, before you fly, log onto your Resi account, click on “My reservation” and mark the airplane as “Picked up”.

After your flight, please access again your Resi account, select “My reservation” again and mark the aircraft as returned. Please also add any discrepancies or comments, if any. If you have a technical problem during your flight, such as an equipment failure, an entry MUST be made BOTH in the log sheet and the online reservation system to inform the next pilot what to expect. If the problem affects safety or necessitates grounding of the aircraft, the pilot MUST also inform the Manager and Safety / Maintenance Officers in addition to the next pilots on the booking system.

After your flight, please do not forget to enter your flight data into the “Flight Log” page. It includes Hobbs time, flight time, number of landings, fuel added and oil added. “Zeit” is the actual flying time, which you will have to note down when taking off and landing. Should you forget to note down the takeoff and landing times, press the “Function key” on the Garmin transponder until the flight time is indicated. “Blockzeit” refers to the time when you start and shut down the engine.

If you would like to cancel your reservation, log on to Resi, select your reservation and cancel it. Please note that your cancellation will automatically expire if you do not enter the system and mark the airplane as “picked up” within 30 minutes of the beginning of your reservation.

You will also find list of names and contact e-mail / phone numbers for other DFC Pilots by selecting “Member list” in the Info Center folder.